Check the Border checks in Flensburg

While the heads of state of the G20 countries pretend they want to save the world, they will be demonstrating not only in Hamburg, but also at the borders what we can really expect from them.

Increased border checks have been announced before and during the the summit. By doing this they hope to deter demonstrators travelling to it, as well as taking advantage of the situation to intensify the murderous hunt for refugees and the intimidation of their supporters.

We simply won’t accept that.

There will be a structure (unfortunately only) during this period that will publicize the locations of these border checks. As far as possible, we will also try to help those who are affected.

You can reach us under the e-mail address:


We will also announce a contact telephone number shortly before the summit.

Please remember that our options are restricted. We will observe the border crossings to Denmark as regularly as possible and post where current checks are taking place. Please let us know if you are stopped or you see others being stopped at the border.

We don’t have our own legal assistance structure, but we will try to find aid for you if it becomes necessary.

We also don’t have the possibility yet to find you, for example, places to sleep on the Danish side of the border.

Have a safe journey!